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For All the Carols Out There

“Through a series of vignettes, Karyl takes us on a ‘Hero’s Journey’ of self-discovery, with stories everyone can relate to. Through her experiences, you will be able to connect and relate to your own Hero’s Journey.”

—Cindy Locher BCH

Author, speaker, educator, and hypnotherapist


For All the Carols Out There tells the tale of an indomitable girl named Carol who was born into a family that struggles to appreciate the true value of a female. From childhood, to adolescence, to adulthood, Carol fights to find happiness where she can, but her dreams of happiness elude her at every turn. In pursuit of a better life, she chases the fantasy of adventure and romance in the skies, but the wished-for glamour of the life as an airline stewardess is not exactly all she hopes it will be—and the same can be said of her marriage.

What’s a girl to do?

Challenged at every turn, Carol struggles for her happiness and success. A doting ambassador may yet be the answer to her wistful dreams. However, she’s too scared to trust him fully.

Determined to truly live the life she craves, Carol fights on. For All the Carols Out There explores and illustrates one woman’s ability to overcome incredible obstacles and turn them into overwhelming achievements, all in one lifetime.

Inspired by her love of the great ladies of the Hollywood silver screen, author, Karyl Maier composed a work that truly, audaciously, and loudly defies description. Part romance novel, part educational, and part inspirational, it tells a tale of a courageous girl named Carol.


ISBN 13 (eBook – PDF): 9781468953701
ISBN 13 (eBook – Mobi): 9781468953701
ISBN 13 (eBook – Epub): 9781468953701